End User Board

During the SMILE project, selected experts from various fields of applications are invited to join the End-User Board (EUB).

As a part of the EUB, you will have early access to SMILE platforms right from start: We will support you to set up the SMILE technology in your own facilities and labs to explore the advantages of our µLEDs for your application.

The SMILE consortium identified five promising pilot applications:

PA1: SMILE-DNADNA chip Fabrication
PA2: SMILE-PhotoMaskless photolithography
PA3: SMILE-OGenOptogenetics
PA4: SMILE-FIStructured illumination for fluorescence-based high-throughput assays
PA5: SMILE-MICChip-based holographic microscopy

The EUB focusses but is not restricted to these pilot applications – If you want to join the EUB and profit from an early access to our SMILE technology, just contact us!

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