Experts in creating light.

Build on know how in Epitaxy, GaN, CMOS and
market replication.

Some people declare to shape light

We do not declare, we create. We create light fields:

  • 1M Pixel
  • 1MHz
  • 1kW/cm2 intensity
Øspot 500µm
smile technology®
Øspot 500µm

if you are using a laser beam in your metrology application, connect with us to be the first to work with this totally new and disruptive technology of light.

News and insights

  • SMILE technologies, at the CS International

    SMILE technology was present at the CS International Conference, which took place on June 28 and 29 in Brussels.

  • The Barcelona-Braunschweig LED-connection

  • MicroLEDs Eye Structured Illumination


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